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# 1: SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – It’s easy math: the more efficiently a system runs, the more affordable it is to operate. Another plus is that greater efficiency in operation means an HVAC system is also better for the environment. While high SEER models are more expensive, if you rely upon your unit heavily for summer cooling and winter warming, it is an investment that quickly returns dividends.

#2: MODULATION – Also known as variable-speed air conditioners are more affordable to run, because they vary the amount of energy used to power the air conditioner. Modulated systems help control humidity, which greatly impacts how hot you feel. With better humidity control, setting your thermostat at a higher temperature is comfortable for many. With these facts in mind, it’s not hard to imagine how a modulated system could shave hundreds of dollars off your summer energy bills.

#3: HUMIDITY – Choosing a unit with humidity control will make your home feel more comfortable. As we just discussed, lower humidity levels mean a more comfortable feeling climate, which causes many to feel comfortable setting your thermostat at a higher temperature, which can quickly add up to big energy bill savings.

Repair or replace? – A maintenance check can reveal some great ways to make your air conditioning unit more efficient without replacing it, including dealing with duct leakage, addressing improper charging and other issues. Make sure your system is running properly. Caring for any existing issues  may be more beneficial than investing in an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating.

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