There are a lot of reasons why your air conditioning system may seem to be running non-stop. We will explain five of them here for you in todays post. It is always best to let a trained professional come out and look for these reasons and many others that may have your air unit running continuously. 

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1 Check Your Air Filter

If it’s been some time since you last looked at it, it could be blocked with dust and debris gathered over time. This will reduce airflow in your home, stifling the amount of air your air conditioner can produce, which in turn will make it run more through the day. Clean or replace your filters once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer. Without enough air flowing over the coils, the system can’t remove humidity and cool the air to the set temperature.

2 Air Leaks Means it is Time to Seal

Next we would look at possible poor or damaged seals or insufficient insulation is a common issue that can cause your system to run inefficiently. Small holes in your roof, attic, crawl space, drafty windows and doors that are not weather-proofed with proper seals can all change how your system operates. The insulation in walls and attics can have a huge affect on your home retaining heat and cooling efficiently. 

3 Dirty Coils 

Having evaporator or condenser coils covered in dirt and dust particles can diminish performance by lowering the energy efficiency of the unit. The condenser coils need to be cleaned because they are exposed to the outdoor elements, weather can damage them or leave them covered with debri from water and air. The evaporator coils are harder to get at. The visual check is not as simple as the condenser coils. Airflow from the blower and air duct work is constantly exposing the evap coils to dust which builds and can cause several issues, all of which affect the unit’s efficiency and in turn, its lifespan. Annual maintenance is the key to removing this unwanted dirt and dust.

3 Your Thermostat Could be on the Fritz

If your system seems to never turn-off, there may be an issue with your thermostat. If you set your thermostat to a certain temperature and it never reaches that or shuts down, it could be that it is not registering certain settings. It may be that your home has reached the correct temperature, but the thermostat is not registering the conditions in the home. One way to check the thermostat is to place another thermometer near the location. After two hours check the reading. You can also have an HVAC tech come and check your vent temperatures. The air may not be cool enough coming from the vents to cool your home and this would indicate a problem elsewhere. It is also possible that the thermostat is having issues connecting electronically somehow. They are reliable when they work, but it is hard to catch issues unless you become aware of the house being significantly different than the temp you like to keep it set at. Some malfunctions are caused by losing electricity and just needing to be reset again.

  Your Unit Might Need Replacing

Air conditioners are in year-round use in most locations and will only last so long with all the moving parts and electrical components.. Even if your unit has been properly maintained, it will eventually wear out. You could also have a unit that is not the correct size for the space you are trying to cool and this is placing continuous strain on the unit. At this point, you may want to consider replacing your old, inefficient unit with a new one rather than patching up continual problems. This will depend on several factors, such as budget, time you will remain in the home, and  if you are thinking of selling the home. Newer, high-efficiency air conditioning systems use about half the electricity of an old unit. Be sure to check the SEER ratings if you decide to purchase a new system. The higher the SEER rating  (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the more efficient the system.

Call a professional t check it out if this is a concern. It could be something simpleton fix or clean. If it is a greater problem, dealing with the repairs now will reduce your issues in the future and save you money every month.

We here at Hometown Comfort TN Heating & Cooling will do everything we can to make sure you have a comfortable and efficient home air system that saves you money. Our service and customer’s satifaction is important to us as a small local company in Maury County and we appreciate your trust and the oppurtunity to serve you.


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