Choosing an HVAC unit for your home can be a tedious and confusing task. Many people have no idea where to start when it comes to heating and cooling their home, even though it is one of the most important and expensive purchase’s you will make for your home.

The first thing to realize when you are choosing an HVAC system for your home is that the unit you have installed today will, or at least should last between 10 and 12 years. However, many different variables will affect the life expectancy of your system. For example, a few of the most important aspects for maintaining a smooth running HVAC system are the installation, maintenance and service choices you make.

If you want the best HVAC system you must choose one that is extremely efficient. Efficient units operate on the least amount of electricity possible, which keeps your home at a comfortable temperature and your bills low. You should always do research and read reviews on any unit you are considering purchasing for your home. The manufacturer’s reputation is extremely important and should never be overlooked when making your decision. Westinghouse has been recognized as the industry leader for four consecutive years now but Consumer’s Digest Best Buy. Their superior quality is accredited to the Scroll Compressor that they put in every unit. A scroll compressor is the industry’s leader compressor in quiet, efficient and reliable HVAC operations.

Furthermore, what many people do not realize is that the size of the unit does not determine the performance. For example, if a system is too large for the house it will cycle, or turn on and off, far too often. When the unit is over cycling it can become very expensive for your family, due to the increased amount of energy required to run the machine, as well as overworking the compressor, which has the ability to decrease the life of the unit.

In order for your HVAC unit to last it’s full potential of 12 years it is absolutely critical that a professional installs the unit. This ensures that no mistakes are made during installation and everything is properly handled preventing any electrical issues once the unit starts running. Proceeding installation the life of the unit is largely dependent on how often the machine is serviced.

Servicing Secrets:
·Change the filter in your HVAC unit at least once a month
·Install and energy-saving thermostat, this will prevent over cycling as well as decrease the electric costs by as much as 33 percent.
·Have your entire system cleaned by a licensed technician semi annually.

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