The heat is rising. Humidity too. Sticky summer is almost here to stay. That’s why, if you haven’t had your air conditioning system checked yet, we have just one question for you: Why not?

As summer approaches, you may know that it is crucial to prepare your air conditioning unit for it’s heaviest workload of the year. But did you know that having your air conditioner serviced annually is also vital for good health and safety? We have one word for you, and you’re probably not going to like it: bio-contaminants.

There are four main functions an air conditioning system performs. The largest function is the removal of heat. Hand-in-hand with heat removal in an AC unit is the removal of humidity. After heat and humidity, the functions air conditioning systems perform are the circulation and cleaning of air. Starting to get the picture now?

The problem: “filtered” return air deposits mold spores and bacteria on the moist coil surfaces. (Most air conditioner filters will not filter mold spores and bacteria; instead, they actually act as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.) As the air conditioner system cycles on and off, the air conditioner gets damp, cold, and warm. This wet, dark environment is a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Many forms of mold love this atmosphere including Listeria, a bacterium known for its love of ice-makers and air conditioning systems. Listeria is also well known for its ability to cause large outbreaks of food poisoning in restaurants. Secondary bio-contaminants that may be dispensed by an untended AC system include mites, insects, or nematodes.

The good news is that regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will take care of contaminants like bacteria and mites, and keep them from collecting and being dispensed by your system. That’s why it’s important to remember to schedule your air conditioning system for regular maintenance and cleaning. An annual Professional Air Conditioning System Cleaning by Hometown Comfort Heating & Cooling is the easiest way to guarantee that your air conditioning system will run cleanly and properly each summer, and stay at peak performance for years to come.

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to step up to a new or larger unit? Hometown Comfort can help! Today’s air conditioner manufacturers are required by law to evaluate and rate their equipment according to its energy efficiency. This rating is known in the industry as a SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Most new homes come with central heat and air and are equipped with a standard builder’s model. However, when it’s replacement time, many owners look forward to upgrading their systems to a new high SEER model.

To ensure worry-free, money-saving operation, call Hometown Comfort Heating & Cooling at (615) 240-7056 to schedule a professional air conditioning system check, or a consultation on a whole new air conditioning system. It’s the easiest way to guarantee that your house will be safe, healthy, and efficiently cooled for the summer.

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