Many homeowners at one point or another recognize the need to purchase a new furnace and heating system. With that said, many people do not know how to determine the right size furnace they need to effectively and efficiently heat their homes. There are several specific factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate size furnace for your home. Spending ample time online researching will certainly assist you in your decision-making process and will provide much needed information before making a commitment and investing in such a costly addition to your home. In addition, contacting the experts here at Hometown Comfort for a free consultation will offer tremendous insight needed on what to look for in the perfect furnace for your home.

Keep in mind that should you purchase the wrong size or even the wrong type of a heating system and furnace for your specific home needs you may find yourself faced with high installation costs and a heating system that is not as energy efficient as you would want and need it to be.

Important Facts to Keep in Mind when Choosing the Right Size Furnace for your Home

To begin with, you need to give much attention to capacity. A furnace that is too large is every bit as inefficient as one that is too small. Oversized furnaces tend to cause rapid-cycling, which results in a great deal of heat loss. When rapid cycling occurs, your furnace will start up and turn off too quickly, leaving some areas of your home much warmer than other areas.

At Hometown Comfort we take every precaution to ensure that you choose and install the right size furnace for your home. Using industry standards and calculations our highly trained and experienced HVAC technicians and specialists calculate the amount of heating and/or cooling BTU’s that are needed for your entire house. We take into consideration the number of doors and windows in the home along with the type of insulation within the home in order to determine the appropriate sized furnace that is necessary to provide consistent, efficient heat for all the living space in your home. With all calculations in hand, we are able to advise our clients on the appropriate size furnace that they should purchase and install.

Next, you need to be aware of the efficiency rating of the furnace. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating represents the actual percent of fuel that is converted into heat. This is very important for avoiding high fuel costs and additional repairs to your furnace since without the proper percentage your furnace will have to run for longer periods of time in order to maintain the temperature it is set at and thus result in needed repairs down the road.

Different Models and Types of Furnaces

Older furnaces consist of a pilot light that requires a constant flow of fuel to keep it lit and results in high energy costs. However, the modern models and types of furnaces available on the market today are equipped with an electronic ignition system that eliminates the need for constant gas flow and makes them more energy efficient. In addition, there are two stage systems/furnaces with varied settings that will allow for reduced gas flow. The furnace equipped with this two stage system can switch over to the higher gas flow when it is necessary and ultimately is far more efficient than single stage furnaces that have to continually run at a much higher capacity. The modern furnaces that are available for purchase and install today have many features to offer, but all in all, the most important elements to give focus to when purchasing the right size furnace for your home are capacity and efficiency. When you choose a furnace that is correctly matched in size to the heating areas of your home, you will find that your new furnace will keep your entire family comfortable at all times during the cold winter months and will prove to do so without incurring high energy costs.

Contact our Expert Teams

If you are in the market for a new furnace for your home, then the time is now to reach out to the expert teams here at Hometown Comfort to discuss your heating needs and to ensure that you choose the furnace that is appropriately sized for your home. We strongly advise our clients, old and new, that if they are losing abundant heat and their energy bills are sky high, then it may very well be time to replace your old heating system and improve the overall comfort in your home as well as enhance efficiency and lower your energy bills.

Choosing and purchasing a new furnace can certainly be challenging and frustrating, but when you contact our team of HVAC techs for your free consultation your challenges are no longer. Contact the superior technicians here at Hometown Comfort today and put all your heating worries into our trusted and friendly hands.

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