Spring is now upon us and summer is right around the corner, which means we will all soon be dealing with the sweltering summer temperatures. With only weeks away from this scenario, the folks here at Hometown Comfort highly recommend you take steps now to ensure that your AC system is operating at peak levels. Our Columbia HVAC specialists stand ready to provide you with all your pre-season inspection and maintenance needs.

Our pre-season routine inspection helps to identify any problems you may have with your air conditioning system and gives you ample time to repair and resolve any such problems well before the hot summer months set in.  We all fully understand the importance of a high performing AC system which is why it is just as important to schedule your pre-season routine maintenance in anticipation of the required up and coming system performance levels.

The professionals here at Hometown Comfort are committed to providing quality products and services. We strongly suggest you schedule your pre-season inspection well in advance of the summer months so as to avoid the summertime rush for maintenance and get your system up and running early on to handle the hot summer temperatures ahead. A pre-season checkup and inspection by our top-rated Columbia HVAC technicians will ensure your system is operating smoothly and will contribute to the life expectancy of your system as well.

Our pre-season visit includes a thorough inspection of the mechanical components, connections and system wiring to ensure that there are no signs of wear or tear. In addition, our technicians will check all registers, vents, and system filters for any accumulation of dirt, for damage or for any other problems that can result in inefficient airflow.  They inspect and clean the condenser and all system coils and ultimately provide you with a list of concerns and/or problems that need addressing.

Located in the heart of Columbia and proudly serving the Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Brentwood, Columbia, Maury County and Franklin areas our expert teams stand ready to serve you with all AC system needs. From routine tune-ups, HVAC system inspections, cleanings, and safety checks, to filter changes, duct system testing and identifying other system issues, we handle it all.

Open weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Saturday by appointment only, you can always rely upon the professionals here at Hometown Comfort to take care of your every HVAC need. Simply give a shout out to our professionals at (615) 948-2667 and schedule your pre-season system inspection today. We look forward to providing you with our top-rated Columbia HVAC services and to ensuring the overall comfort and safety of you and your family summer after summer, year after year. Don’t delay. Make that call today!!

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