Its is crucial to Stay Cozy and Warm this Holiday Season! The coldest months of the year are quickly approaching, and you know how bone-chilling wind can be whistling through the cracks of your house. You think it won’t happen to you, but so did Beth. She woke up to a bitterly cold nose, frost bitten fingers and chattering teeth. When she went to take a shower she quickly realized something was wrong when the water felt like icicle running streaming down her back. Stiff from the cold she walked into the kitchen and began boiling pot after pot of water on the stove to fill up her bathtub. As she stepped out of the bathtub, hair-dripping wet she saw her breath, and she let out a cold sigh. Frustrated and blue in the lips she quickly got dressed and escaped to the heat of her car.

Work happened to be crazy busy that day taking her mind far away from the problem at home. Soon the morning’s problems had been forgotten, and Beth couldn’t wait to get home to her cozy pajamas and warm bed. Beth sat in forty-five minutes of head splitting traffic before she finally pulled into her driveway. The lights were on in the kitchen and she couldn’t wait to walk in the door and be greeted by her furry, four-legged babies. As she turned the lock and the door swung open she instantly remembered… the heat was out. What a horrific ending to an already stress-filled day. Beth felt like this nightmare was never ending and actually pinched herself just to make sure it was really happening. She let out an exasperated groan and stormed over to the computer to search for help.

In just twenty minutes Beth was feeling much better about her day and the night to come. She found a coupon online for Hometown Comfort in Nashville, Tennessee. She dialed the provided phone number and was helped by a friendly man that sounded like the Einstein of heat repair. He easily answered all of Beth’s questions and reassured her that someone would be first thing in the morning so she could come home to a warm and cozy home.

If you find yourself having a day similar to Beth’s in anyway call (615) 948-2667 today. They serve the Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson Stations and greater Columbia areas and are equipped to handle any HVAC needs. They can fix your gas furnace or your heating pump. Don’t worry about a thing! Contact Hometwon Comfort today and check out the specials tab on the website.

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