With winter upon us and the frigid cold temperatures challenging homeowners to keep their homes warm and comfortable, many people find that their furnace is simply not producing enough heat. If this is the case in your home, then finding out the source of the problem is obviously critical to its solution. Many people think that if their home is cold despite running their furnace that it must absolutely be that their furnace is just not functioning properly or perhaps even their thermostat is just not working right. Though many times the thermostat is the culprit, it is important to recognize that the primary problem may be found within the furnace unit itself or even many times within the ventilation system itself.

If your furnace is working too hard to warm and keep comfortable your home and family and to keep up with the heat demand it may very well be the result of excessive build up of dirt and/or debris on your filter or on the motor or its fan belt. With that said, it is critical to keep the airflow unobstructed and all your working parts clean so as to avoid any serious complications or issues with your furnace.

What Should you Do?

hometown comfort winterize your homeFor starters, homeowners should check their furnace filters regularly and routinely to ensure that they are not dirty and clogged. If you find that they are dirty it is important that you replace them or clean them thoroughly so as to allow for the proper functioning of the filters. Here at Hometown Comfort we highly suggest you invest in disposable furnace filters that are remarkably inexpensive and available in a wide range of sizes and ratings. You can buy your disposable filters either individually or in bulk if you prefer from a number of varied resources. Since we suggest you change your filters every three to six months, it makes better sense and is more cost efficient if you were to buy your disposable filters in bulk.

If you have mesh filters you simply need to remove them, clean them thoroughly and then reinsert them, allowing for proper and adequate functioning of the filters and your overall furnace unit. Much like the disposable filters it is every bit as important to check them regularly and routinely and again be certain to clean them every three to four months.

Another typical routine maintenance check you want to perform on your furnace should you find that it is not generating enough heat in the bitter cold temperatures, is to remove the access panels to your furnace and inspect their components as well. Again, you are looking for any build up of dirt, debris or even dust. A good maintenance technique in this instance is to use a vacuum with an extension hose attachment and carefully vacuum all the components behind the access panels. This will contribute greatly to a more effective, and energy efficient furnace and help direct enough heat to warm your home and family, despite the cold, cold temperatures.

honeywell thermostat.There are also a couple of other elements that can contribute to your furnace not generating enough heat and displaying poor heating performance including blocked or extremely dirty ductwork. If your furnace has to work extremely hard to push air through the ventilation system, it will take longer periods of time to bring the heat up and into your living space. The professionals here at Hometown Comfort strongly suggest that you help your furnace to work easier and more effectively by keeping all vents clear and all your ductwork clean.   Routinely clean your ductwork, again, perhaps by use of a vacuum with an extension hose, and we are confident that you will find that your furnace is more than capable of providing and generating enough heat for your home and family during the bitter cold winter months.

If you are still having problems with your furnace not producing enough heat, then the time is now to call in the experts at Hometown Comfort. Our highly skilled and experienced HVAC technicians will come out to your home and perform a thorough inspection of your furnace to determine the exact source of your heating problem. Rest assured our teams will find the culprit, fix the culprit, and get your home and family back to enjoying a properly heated and comfortable home all winter long. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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