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Heat pumps are among the most energy efficient forms of heating available today. A heat pump system works in a process that is much like a refrigerator working in reverse; warming the air inside your home by using the heat from outside your home – even when the temperature outside is cold! It comes in various sizes and it is extremely important to fit the correct size for the area to be heated. A thermostat is used to control heat pumps, so it is possible to keep your home within a set comfortable temperature range. It is important to remember that heat pumps are not an energy efficient option for cooling your home!

The pros of a heat pump:
Some models incorporate air filters that remove dust and pollen, which can be helpful for people with asthma and allergies;
Good for specific room heating;
Good for areas that have severe air pollution problems.

The cons of a heat pump:
Less efficient when the exterior temperature drops below 7°C and can stop working completely in deep snow or in very cold, humid conditions;
Can be quite expensive to install;
Can be noisy;
Can be completely reliant on electricity supply.

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