Spring is here and it’s finally getting warmer out. By the time the first heat wave strikes, your friends go to the pool, and drink margaritas and beers, or see a movie at the theatre to cool off. You, on the other hand, have to stay home and work. “Oh well,” you think to yourself, and turn on the AC. 20 minutes later you’re… sweating? “What is going on!?” you think to yourself. Chances are you might need a new air conditioning system!

Aside from the obvious signs of fatigue, exhaustion, and sweat dripping down your brow, here are 3 signs from Hometown Comfort that it may be time for your in-home central air conditioner to go.

A decade past. According to consumer reports, every home appliance has an average lifespan. A central air conditioner lasts up to 15 years, but may start to soak up more energy than necessary after just 10 years.
High maintenance costs. If you’re spending more on your AC repairs than you did to have the unit installed in the first place, it may be time for your AC to go. Think of it like your car. Once those costly repairs, start, chances are they’re not going to stop until your AC is kaput.
Low efficiency. If your energy bill is increasing it may be a sign it’s time for your AC to go. A higher utility bill, longer run times, and higher temperatures are all signs your air conditioner is reaching its swan song.

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In addition to Tennessee air conditioner repairs and Tennessee air conditioner replacements, Hometown Comfort does Tennessee central air conditioner installation, Tennessee heating repair, Tennessee heater troubleshooting, and Tennessee gas furnace repair and gas furnace replacements, as well as Tennessee central heating installation.

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