Whether you like it or not, winter is well on its way now. Every year seems to deliver colder temperatures, greater amounts of snow, and maximized wind chills. With all this in mind, homeowners need to prepare themselves and their homes for the upcoming winter months both inside and out. At Hometown Comfort we take the safety and comfort of all our clients’ homes seriously and are here to help get every home heating ready for the challenging winter ahead. All of our technicians and installers are licensed and certified and have undergone extensive training in not only the trades, but in customer service, ethics, and communication. We are committed to providing services that are exemplary and to building long-term ‘family’ ties with all our Spring Hill clients.

What Our Professionals Do To Prepare Your Home and Family for Winter

snow stormIt’s important that you don’t wait till the last minute, when the snow is already falling and accumulating, the temperatures are cold beyond words and the wind chills breaking records, to test your furnace and make certain that it is functioning properly and that your home heating is all set to go for the winter season ahead. At Hometown Comfort we tell all our clients to turn their furnaces on in the early fall season to make certain that it is working properly and efficiently. In this way, if there are any problems with your furnace, it’s not too late.

In addition, we advise that all furnace filters are changed regularly throughout the year in anticipation of the cold winter months and advise all our clients to make certain they have extra filters always on hand. With the multiple steps needed to prepare your furnace and home heating system for winter, we here at Hometown Comfort suggest you give a shout out to our experts and schedule a routine checkup of your furnace in the midst of the fall season, long before the snow begins to fall.

Our experienced techs will make certain that your filters are clean, your humidifier is switched over to winter and will open the bypass on your unit, and will also change the humidifier pad and set the humidity level appropriately. In addition, our experienced professionals will perform a full furnace tune-up to confirm that your system is running effectively and efficiently so as to keep you warm throughout the winter months and help avoid any costly repairs down the road. They are also equipped and trained to perform tune ups for your humidifier and your air exchanger as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The friendly and professional teams here at Hometown Comfort are 100% committed and dedicated to providing all our valued clients with superior heating services for the cold winter months, which is why we have an emergency 24-hour service available for all our clients. We offer our 24-hour service in the event your furnace malfunctions or fails altogether. We are concerned, first and foremost, about your family’s safety and comfort which is why we are here to help any time of the day or night, 24/7.

With our simple mission statement of 100% customer satisfaction, the entire staff here at Hometown Comfort strives to deliver both quality products and superior services to all clients, each time, every time.

Winter is just about here, so get that furnace tuned-up and cleaned. Contact us today for our top of the line, extraordinary services and feel confident that your family’s safety and heating needs are in the hands of some of the industry’s absolute best. We look forward to serving you and to providing your family with all the comfort they need for the upcoming, cold winter months.

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