It’s getting hotter outside every day. You’ve probably begun using your home’s air conditioning system more and more to keep your home’s climate comfortable. That means cooling expenses can quickly get out of hand if you don’t take steps to control them. Learning how to lower your air conditioning costs without sacrificing comfort is one of the most easiest and best ways to save money over the summer. At Hometown Comfort Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our priority, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep your energy bill from feeling the heat!

Keep the Heat Away

The majority of the heat that gets into your home in most cases enters through the windows. Installing solar screens on your east and west-facing windows, can block up to 70 percent of this heat gain! That’s a pretty significant difference. Reflective blinds, dual shades, and drapes with heat-reflective backings also do a great job of keeping out the heat. Additionally, did you know your landscaping can help, too? Several 15 to 20 foot trees planted on the west and southwest sides of your home can have a dramatic impact on reducing the amount of energy you spend on cooling as well.

Improve the Way You Use Your A/C

It’s helpful to keep your air conditioner’s fan set to “auto” all of the time to remove the humidity in your air. Setting your fan to “run” or “on” allows the humidity to re-enter the house by evaporating off the coils in the air stream, rather than draining out the condensate drain. Also, be sure to run your ceiling fans and other fans while you have the A/C on. Effective circulation of dehumidified air through the use of your ceiling fans helps you feel around 5 degrees cooler, allowing you to raise your A/C temperature to save energy.

Don’t forget, your A/C needs regular maintenance to maintain maximum efficiency.

Top 3 Basic Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips:

  • Ensure good airflow by checking the air filter monthly and changing it when it looks dirty.
  • Periodically clear yard debris off the outdoor unit.
  • Schedule professional A/C maintenance at the start of every cooling season.

For more tips on how to lower your home air conditioning costs, contact Hometown Comfort Heating & Cooling at (615) 240-7056. Our trained, knowledgeable, and professional staff can help you with all your needs, from air conditioning system maintenance, repair, and installation of new high efficiency air conditioning systems.


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