With the winter months upon us and furnaces turning on and off regularly, it is important to realize that an inspection of your furnace is critical to working effectively. Over time a furnace begins to run inefficiently and uses more gas or electricity than is necessary. In addition, without having your furnace inspected regularly there could be problems lurking that will arise when the winter temperatures drop drastically and your furnace is having to work harder and more consistently. With that said, it is important to have a routine furnace inspection as well as routine maintenance performed on your furnace so as to avoid any costly unsuspecting problems in the middle of the winter months.

At Hometown Comfort we strive to provide all our clients with superior products and services and that includes performing routine furnace inspections to ensure that your furnace is working properly and that there are no potential problems that can arise. Having your furnace inspected annually will prevent failure of any type, increase the efficiency of your furnace, resolve any safety issues and prolong the life expectancy of your furnace as well. All very good reasons, and indeed practical reasons, to schedule annual routine inspections and maintenance of your home furnace.

Benefits of A Routine Furnace Inspection

As your furnace ages, there are many maintenance issues that can cause a decrease in efficiency and an increase in potential malfunctions and breakdowns. Some of these common maintenance issues include a dirty heat exchanger, dirty flame sensor, dirty burners, dirty condensate trap, dirty blower and dirty indoor AC coil. At Hometown Comfort we perform thorough inspections of all types of furnaces and ensure that any potential problems are resolved to avoid any costly repairs down the road. Our qualified technicians are licensed and certified to perform all types heating and HVAC repairs as well as routine furnace inspections and are committed to providing all our clients with our top of the line products and services at prices that are truly affordable.

In addition to the problem areas listed above, our technicians will also check your igniter for proper resistance and your capacitors for proper capacitance. Further, we check motors for proper amperage, we measure air temperature to ensure proper operating range, and we perform carbon monoxide tests to ensure that your furnace is not producing any elevated levels of carbon monoxide and that there is no carbon monoxide entering into your home. We will also check for combustion efficiency, gas leak testing, manifold gas pressure and draft pressure as well.

The primary focus of our technicians during an annual furnace inspection is to ensure that your furnace is operating effectively, efficiently, and safely and to take any necessary preventative measures that will contribute to an extended life expectancy for your furnace and reduce the possibilities of costly furnace repairs or even a furnace replacement during the bitter cold winter months.

Though the winter has begun, if you have not had an annual inspection of your furnace yet, then what are you waiting for? Having explained here the many benefits of an annual furnace inspection and the wide range of potential problems that can occur, take a moment now to give a call out to the professionals here at Hometown Comfort and schedule your furnace inspection today. Don’t wait until you are faced with a problem or a breakdown. Now is the time to ensure the safety and well-being of not only your furnace and your home, but your entire family as well. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the peace of mind that your furnace is working properly and your home and family are safe. From our family here at Hometown Comfort to yours, we send along wishes for a healthy and safe 2017!

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