Homeowners across the country give favor to their AC system in the scorching hot summer months. The blower fan is an important component of your AC system and something all homeowners should be familiar with. The blower fan is located in the inside portion of your air conditioner and is so named because it is responsible for blowing the air to the ductwork in your system which then allows for the distribution of the air throughout your home. There are several components to your AC system, but indeed the blower fan plays a critical role in the functionality and the effectiveness of your system.

Facts About the Blower Fan In Your AC System

Blower-FanFor starters, a fan alone simply cannot keep you cool. Fans can certainly make you feel a bit cooler when you are sitting or standing in front of them or standing under a ceiling fan. The reason why you feel cooler is not the fan itself but rather because of the air that moves over you. Though it can make you personally feel cooler, it cannot reduce or cool down the temperature in a room or in a house.   The fan in your air conditioner has a variety of other components that work along with it. It does not work nor act alone. In order to bring down the temperature in a room and cool the room down the fan must use a refrigerant as well as a heat exchange process in order to be able to remove the heat from the home and eventually cool it off.

Further, it is important to understand that blower fans today, unlike those in years past, move at varying speeds. In the past, fans were constructed to only move at a single high speed. When temperatures would rise in a home the air conditioner would turn on at full blast all the time and use a whole lot of energy. The high powerful fan speed was certainly not necessary, but was the only speed available back in the day.

The professionals here at Hometown Comfort want to advise all our valued clients that when shopping for a new AC system, to be certain that it is equipped with a fan that offers variable speed settings. The fan on your system can run at reduced speeds as needed so as to save energy and money, reduce noise and keep the temperatures in your home within a couple of mere degrees of your thermostat setting. Choosing a system that affords multiple fan settings is essential to the energy efficiency in your home and indeed will drastically help to reduce energy usage and save you money over time.

Finally, as we have already mentioned, a fan alone cannot bring down the temperatures in your home, which is why leaving your thermostat set on ‘fan only’ all day can actually make your home less comfortable over time. Your AC system removes both the humidity and heat from the air in your home. When you choose to leave your thermostat set on fan only throughout the daytime you are actually adding humidity back into the air in your home which ultimately makes the atmosphere feel a lot warmer.

With that said the experts here at Hometown Comfort highly recommend that you only run the fan when your AC system is on, which means you would set the thermostat to the ‘auto’ setting and then take the time to program your preferences in advance so as to create maximum comfort and provide maximum energy efficiency throughout each day. (By the way, if you do not have a thermostat that offers these settings and preferences it’s time to talk to the pros here at Hometown Comfort about installing a new thermostat.)

We hope you found these important factors about the blower fan in your AC system useful and remember, should you find that you are in need of a new AC system, a new thermostat, or any type of system upgrade then reach out to the highly skilled and experienced technicians here at Hometown Comfort for all your HVAC needs.

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