Though winterization of your HVAC unit should be performed long before the extreme cold weather sets in, for those homeowners who have failed to properly winterize their HVAC unit it is still not too late. With many more weeks of winter still ahead, and certainly frigid temperatures every bit a part of the remaining winter months, winterizing your HVAC unit is a must do for all homeowners. Preparing your home for the long, frigid winter weather is important to the comfort and even safety of your family. Ensuring that your HVAC unit is prepared and ready for the winter months will certainly alleviate cold winter drafts in your home, conserve energy, save you money, and increase the overall life expectancy of your HVAC unit at the same time.

CCAC-5.23.2013When winterizing an HVAC unit, one of the very first steps to take is that of ensuring that any air conditioning vents are completely sealed off for the winter time. This step is primarily accountable for eliminating excessive cold drafts in your home, which ultimately will not only improve the efficiency of your furnace during the bitter cold temperatures and conserve on energy but will also save homeowners a good deal of money on their utility bills.

Here at Hometown Comfort we take tremendous pride in all our quality products and services. Our company has been recognized as your go to company for all your HVAC needs and that includes your winterization needs as well. We provide outstanding winterization assistance services to our many Springhill clients and those in the surrounding areas as well. We cannot emphasize enough to all of our clients the importance of winterizing their HVAC units and the simple fact that doing so has many benefits including enhancing the longevity of the system and equipment. Our licensed and certified HVAC technicians make certain that the components in your HVAC system, which typically do not respond well to excessive cold weather, are properly winterized so as to maintain their effectiveness and extend the life expectancy of the unit as well.

We take all the necessary steps to protect your HVAC system from snow and other wintry precipitation such as rain and ice, and ensure that your system will function at peak performance for many years. In addition, when winterizing your system, we also clean the unit and the surrounding areas from any leaves, grass and other debris which helps to not only improve the appearance of your home but also protects your system from breakage and other potential problems.

Here at Hometown Comfort we want all our clients to understand that a properly winterized HVAC unit goes a very long way toward preventing additional HVAC problems, such as rust damage and clogs to name a few. We also make certain that your unit is properly covered in order to protect it from snow, wind and ice damage. We further suggest that homeowners, if possible, cut the power supply to the HVAC unit which will not only save a good deal of money on your electricity bill throughout the long winter months but will also ensure that no one in the family accidentally turns on the air conditioning system in the winter time. Surely stopping this standby usage will definitely help homeowners save both money and energy.

If you have not yet winterized your HVAC unit, then surely it is not too late. There is still a whole lot of winter still ahead so give a shout out to the experts here at Hometown Comfort to schedule your winterization today!

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