There isn’t a one of us who wouldn’t want to keep the AC running at full blast all day long during the long hot summer months and not have to be remotely concerned about the consequences.  But, as we all very well know, this is not practical nor realistic since running your AC system all day, all summer long, can most assuredly reduce the lifespan of your system. Further, blasting the AC all day will, without a doubt, increase your utility bills drastically. Here at Hometown Comfort we take pride in our premier Columbia AC services that help our valued clients to maintain the comfort of their home all summer long while reducing their energy costs as well.

It is the goal of our professional team to contribute to the overall comfort, safety and well-being of our valued clients. We know how tempting it can be to just turn the AC on and forget about it, but we also know how costly taking such a step can be.  Cooling your home without adding to your utility bills in the summertime is a must do for every homeowner.

From turning on ceiling fans or box fans and reducing the use of heat generating appliances to closing your window treatments during the hottest points of the day and opening them in the cooler evening hours, there are a variety of tips to help reduce your energy costs. The experts here at Hometown Comfort highly recommend the purchase of a programmable thermostat as well as a dehumidifier to help in controlling and maintaining the comfort levels in your home.

Located in the heart of Columbia and proudly serving the Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Brentwood, Columbia, Maury County and Franklin areas our expert teams stand ready to serve you with all your summer cooling and HVAC needs. Open weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Saturday by appointment only, you can always rely upon the professionals here at Hometown Comfort to take care of your every HVAC need. Having earned ourselves a spot at the top of the charts in Columbia and the surrounding areas, you can be sure your HVAC needs are in the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry.

Summer is finally upon us so why not reach out to our highly skilled and trained technicians who can definitely assist with all your energy savings and AC cooling needs this summer. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with our premier Columbia AC services year after year!

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