IMAG0924Proper AC repairs are essential to your HVAC system working effectively and efficiently. One of the most important and necessary tasks you need to perform in your efforts to keep the indoor quality of your home air healthy and comfortable is that of air duct repairs and cleaning. Your air ducts are an essential component of your overall air conditioning and heating system, and they also contribute to steady, healthy airflow in your home as well as air quality. Performing air duct repair services is just one of the many services provided by the professionals here at Hometown Comfort.

A Little Bit of Insight about Your Air Ducts

Your home air ducts have multiple tasks they perform, including the handling of both your cooling and heating air flow in your home. For this very reason, it is safe to say that air ducts are constantly being challenged by dust, mold, dirt, and a whole lot of other damaging elements that are present in the air. With that said, the professionals here at Hometown Comfort recommend cleaning your air ducts every couple of years in order to keep the dust, mold and other elements from entering into your home atmosphere and ultimately causing complications to your family’s health.

Often when we come out to clean your air ducts we find that they have a problem with leaking thereby warranting air duct or other AC repairs as well. If damaged air ducts are present, they are apt to draw in even more dust, mold and contaminants and allow them to enter into your home. If these contaminants are not controlled by your air conditioning system in the warmer weather or your furnace filters in the colder weather, then the potential health risks for your family are even greater.

Leaks that are present in your air ducts can occur for a variety of reasons, including a poor initial installation, wear and tear on the joints over time, and even pest infestations. The leaks can ultimately affect the comfort of your home and cause an increase in the cost of running either your air conditioning system or your furnace. Some of the problems that you can be faced with your AC ducts include the following.

  • When your AC ducts are leaking, it forces your HVAC system to run longer and work harder to either cool your home or heat your home in order to compensate for the air that is lost due to the leaking AC ducts. In addition, the leaks will add excessive strain on your HVAC system and therefore increase the possibility of a breakdown or even a complete HVAC failure over time.
  • Leaking AC ducts will most assuredly cause loss of energy and higher utility bills as well because some of the hot or cold air that is produced either by your furnace or your air conditioner is able to escape into unoccupied spaces of your home before reaching its final location. This produces wasted air flow, which ultimately causes an increase in energy consumption.
  • Finally, when AC duct leaks are present, in addition to letting air escape, they also pull excessive air in along with other elements such as dirt, dust, and airborne contaminants. When this happens, your indoor air quality suffers greatly as does your overall HVAC system since it has to work harder and is more strained.

AC duct repairs as well as other AC repairs are essential to the functionality of your HVAC system and should be performed periodically in order to keep your HVAC system fully operational. With winter coming to a close, and spring just around the corner the technicians here at Hometown Comfort highly recommend you contact us today to schedule your next AC repair and cleaning appointment. We are here to provide you with all your HVAC needs, including repairs to those unsuspecting AC duct leaks and look forward to helping all our valued clients keep their HVAC systems up and running properly. Contact us today to schedule your spring appointment.


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