You just moved into a new home. Craftsman style, in the historic section of Nashville, and you couldn’t be prouder. Your spouse, who just happens to turn houses, restored the once dilapidated and run down relic, to its original glory. And on March 1, you moved out of your old apartment and into your new property.

The home is beautiful: high ceilings, exposed brick, patio out front and deck in the back. The kitchens have all been remodeled with the latest gadgetry and the bathroom tile was all restored. There’s only one problem: the ventilation.

It’s STUFFY. Like 100 years of stuff, stuffy. When the home was built, in-home ventilation was brand new, but since the home hasn’t been occupied for years, it’s in need of a massive upgrade in the HVAC department.

At Home Town Comfort, we specialize in high quality HVAC installation. That’s why we thought we’d provide you with this short list of what to look for when hiring an HVAC contractor. Here’s our list of helpful tips:

Talk to people you trust. Good service isn’t usually a one time incident. Chances are if your friends had an HVAC installer they liked, you’ll like them, too.
Check online. There are plenty of review sites and it isn’t usually difficult to tell if overall, customers are satisfied with their HVAC installation service.
Gather written quotes. Having a couple of contractors come and check out your situation will help you find the best price.
Don’t just consider the cost. HVAC installation is complicated. If one person’s quote is much lower than all of the competitors, chances are they’re compensating for lack of experience. Make sure your contractor has employees experienced in sheet metal, refrigeration, electrical, carpentry, and plumbing, as all of these systems are part of an HVAC.
Look for a company with experience. If a company’s employees have been in the HVAC business for years, chances are, there’s a reason, they’re probably good.

In addition to HVAC installation, Hometown Comfort services Williamson County, Franklin, Colombia, and Maury County in heating repair, AC repair, and furnace repair, as well as individual heating, AC and furnace installation.

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