One thing that every homeowner worries about in the winter time is how to reduce energy costs. When the temperatures drop drastically and consistently rest assured you cannot escape increased heating costs. Since the weather in the winter months is so unpredictable, it is near to impossible to be able to predict just how high your heating costs will be. But don’t fret. The experts here at Hometown Comfort are here to provide you with all the insight needed to help you save energy during the winter, even when your furnace is running consistently at full capacity.

How to Reduce your Energy Costs

Energy-SavingsFirst and foremost, one of the most important and even practical things you can do to reduce energy costs in the winter is to simply turn down your thermostat by a simple two degrees. Since it is only two degrees you and your family will probably not even notice the temperature difference in the house and if you do then simply toss on a sweater or sweatshirt and add a cozy comforter to the beds and surely you won’t even notice or feel the difference but your energy bills will. The savings you will see on your first energy bill following this simple procedure will be well worth the minor change.

In addition to this easy to perform task, homeowners can perform yet another effective means to lower their energy costs by insulating their water tank and turning down its heater thermostat by two degrees as well. In this same category, you can also change your old shower heads for innovative low-flow model shower heads that conserve water, minimizing the amount of water that, therefore, needs to be heated.

Yet another way of reducing your energy costs is to upgrade your windows to double pane windows which will prevent heat transfer and apply caulking to any cracks in the seams around your doors or windows to keep out winter drafts and add to your reduced energy costs. You can also conduct effective weatherproofing techniques as well. Further to our professional suggestions, we advise our clients to swap out incandescent light bulbs for LED or CFL bulbs which are far more energy efficient in their continued efforts to reduce their energy costs and control their home comfort costs during the cold winter months.

The professionals here at Hometown Comfort are truly committed and dedicated to all our valued clients. We want all our clients to be able to reduce their home energy costs, especially during the winter months, and are here to assist with all your needs. Our technicians are available to answer any questions you may have and discuss any energy efficiency concerns you may have as well. They are available to come out to your home and conduct an energy inspection so as to advise you on other ways of reducing your energy costs while still maintaining a comfortable environment for you and your family.

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can reduce energy costs in your home is by having our professional technicians come out to your home and install a programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat can both increase and decrease temperatures in your home depending on whether you are at home or away from your house. A programmable thermostat is a sure fire way of reducing energy costs and one technique we here at Hometown Comfort highly recommend.

If you are looking to reduce energy costs in your home during these frigid, unpredictable winter months, then give a shout out to the professionals here at Hometown Comfort. Not only can we advise you on what techniques would work best for your home, but surely we can perform an inspection and determine exactly where your energy problems exist. Contact us today to schedule your in home inspection and let us help save you money while keeping your family comfortable this winter season. From our little family here at Hometown Comfort to yours, we send along wishes for a healthy, safe and comfortable 2017!

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