Spring-Home-Maintenance-40797Now that spring is here, that means summer will soon be upon us. With the hot summer months approaching, soon you will be battling the increased hot temperatures. With that said, now is the perfect time to give focus to your air conditioning system with a pre-season inspection and system checkup. This process helps you to identify any problems you may have with your air conditioning system and gives you ample time to repair and resolve any such problems well before the hot summer months set in.

Most homeowners with air conditioning systems are fully aware of the importance of performing routine maintenance on their A/C systems. Your pre-season checkup and routine maintenance together will ensure that your system is functioning properly and will be able to provide you with the cool and comfortable temperatures you want during the summer months.

Here at Hometown Comfort we take tremendous pride in both our quality products and our top of the line services. We are here to help all our valued Springhill clients understand the importance of performing a pre-season checkup on their A/C systems and to make clients aware of important factors that warrant these necessary maintenance services as well as the benefits of performing such services during the early spring months.

To begin with when you contact our professionals now to schedule your pre-season checkup you are sure to beat all that summertime rush for A/C maintenance services. Getting your system up and running early on will definitely spare you all the rush and frustration of attempting to schedule maintenance services in the midst of the summer months.

In addition, your pre-season service call is sure to ensure that you’re A/C system will keep on operating smoothly for you throughout the summer months. Further, regular routine maintenance of your air conditioning can extend the overall life expectancy of your system as well.

Finally, routine maintenance and pre-season checkups will help to save money by alleviating emergency service calls that you would otherwise have to make during the long, hot summer months if your system failed or was not working properly. Saving time and having the flexibility in service call scheduling are also benefits of your pre-season air conditioning inspection and checkup and will certainly contribute to a stress free experience.

Pre-Season Checkup Services We Perform

Most people are unaware of the amount of wear and tear that dirty air conditioning components can cause.   Further, unhealthy components can shorten the lifespan of your system and reduce the overall cooling capacity as well. Each of these important factors support our recommendation that scheduling a pre-season checkup of you’re A/C system is highly beneficial.

When the qualified technicians here at Hometown Comfort come out to your home to perform your system checkup they will begin by inspecting the mechanical components, connections and all of the system wiring to ensure that there are no signs of wear or tear. Next, they will check all registers, vents, and system filters for any accumulation of dirt, for damage or for any other problems that can result in inefficient airflow.

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