There is nothing quite as upsetting than when the temperatures drop outside and you go to turn on the furnace and lo and behold you have no heat. Shear panic comes into play when your furnace is not working. You put your hand in front of the vents only to discover that there is no heat coming out at all and without hesitation you start to panic. Well the folks here at Hometown Comfort have you covered and are on hand to provide you with top of the line heating services and products to handle your every need.

Before making that emergency call though, our highly skilled professionals want to share a few steps you can take to get your furnace working again. If, however, you try these few helpful steps all to no avail, then rest assured our technicians stand ready to identify the problems and provide effective solutions in just a matter of time. Our technician will be out to your home quick as a flash to get your home heating system back on track again.


First and foremost, we highly suggest you check the circuit breaker and your service switch. Checking the status of other electrical devices in your home will help identify whether or not it is in fact the circuit breaker. Also, check the service switch on your furnace, which is typically located on the side of the furnace to ensure that it is in the on position. Often times homeowners turn this switch off in the warmer seasons and forget to switch it back on when the cold weather months arrive.

Next, if you determine it is not your breaker or your furnace switch, then perhaps the problem lies with your air filter. If the air filter on your furnace has accumulated a good deal of dirt and dust it can result in blockages that will minimize the amount of hot air that is blown and over time completely shut down the furnace. Changing out your air filter will allow the furnace to filter warm air again.

The next step you can take when your furnace is not working is to check your thermostat settings. Often times homeowners will forget to switch the setting to the heat mode and when turning on the furnace will get no heat at all. If you have a programmable thermostat and it is not registering appropriate temperature readings, chances are it needs a battery replacement to get it up and running again and generate needed heat in your home.

Finally, we strongly suggest you inspect your furnace to ensure that the blower motor is working properly and the pilot light is lit if equipped with a pilot light. In addition, if your furnace is run on propane you may want to take a moment to make certain you have not run out of propane fuel.


If all else fails and you still are not able to get your furnace back on track after following these useful steps, then don’t delay in contacting our highly skilled and trained team of professionals. Our team will perform an inspection, identify the problem and provide effective and efficient solutions to get your home heating system up and running again. When it comes to heating and cooling systems we are the team for you. The friendly technicians here at Hometown Comfort are steadfast in providing the best all round heating and cooling services this side of Tennessee and will not stop until we have satisfied your every concern and need.

Winter is truly right around the corner. If you have noticed that your furnace is not working properly or not working at all then simply give a call out to our team today. We look forward to serving you and send along wishes from our family to yours for a safe, New Year!!

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