With winter slowly creeping up on us, homeowners need to start prepping their homes for the cold temperatures and weather ahead. The challenges put upon your home and family during the cold weather months can be many, which is why it is so important to ensure that both your home and family are prepared. With that said, the folks here at Hometown Comfort want to share with all our valued clients the importance of performing a routine heating system tune-up this fall.

Though the tasks can be many, one of the most important items on your fall/winter to do list should be taking necessary steps to ensure the performance and efficiency of your heating system.   Winters in general can be somewhat harsh which is why your heating system needs to be able to accommodate the winter woes and provide sufficient, comfortable heat to you and your family throughout the entire cold weather season.

At Hometown Comfort our highly skilled and trained heating technicians and contractors are on hand to provide you with superior HVAC services and products and perform that all-important heating system tune-up at least once per year. We recommend you perform this service during the fall months before the cold winter weather makes its presence known. There are abundant homeowners who are completely unaware of the importance of a tune- up which is why we want to take steps to ensure you have this critical maintenance performed.

We often hear from our clients concerns about whether or not annual tune-ups are absolutely necessary. The answer to these concerns is a simple yes, tune-ups are necessary to the overall performance and lifespan of your heating system. Maintenance as well as annual inspections performed by our qualified technicians is an essential part of prepping your home for the cold weather ahead.   If you choose not to have the maintenance and heating system tune-up chances are you will end up having to incur costs for heating repairs during the winter season. Preventative maintenance typically costs much less than emergency heating repairs, which is why we strongly suggest you reach out to our team and schedule your tune-up and inspection now.

Our professionals will perform a variety of services during the tune-up from cleaning the heating elements and the heat exchanger to adjusting the burner assembly. In addition, they will lubricate all moving parts of the system, clean the ignition assembly, adjust all the operating pressures, either clean or replace the air filters, and even monitor flue drafts.

Here at Hometown Comfort you are our number one priority which is why we are so committed and dedicated to providing you with premier products and services to meet your every need. We take tremendous pride in our top of the line preventative maintenance services as well as our affordable prices and our attractive timelines. We all know how important your heating system is, especially during the cold winter months, which is why our team takes the necessary steps and precautions to ensure your heating system is performing at peak levels and providing you with energy efficiency and savings as well.

If you are in need of a heating system tune-up, heating repairs or maintenance or have yet to schedule your annual furnace inspection, then surely you have come to the right place. Our friendly certified technicians and contractors are the ideal team for you. Take time out now to contact our staff at (615) 948-2667 and schedule your tune-up and inspection today. We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a safe and happy holiday season ahead from our family to yours!!

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