Two Common Furnace Issues

No turning back now. It’s official; the home heating season is upon us. How well is your heating system working?  If you’re like the majority of Middle Tennesseans, you rely on a gas furnace to keep your family warm in the chillier months of the year. Naturally, furnace problems will crop up from time to time. At Hometown Comfort Heating & Cooling, we care about your family’s comfort – it’s in our name! Today we’re discussing a couple of the most common furnace issues. Should your furnace display any of these issues, be sure to call us at Hometown Comfort as quickly as possible.


They can be very disturbing, and are very common among gas furnaces. Because the gas furnace is not a complete combustion system, combustion byproducts, most commonly carbon, remain from the burning of natural gas. Carbon will often build up on the burner assembly over time. If not cleaned frequently or sufficiently, that carbon buildup impedes the ignition of the furnace. A booming sound is the result of the burner assembly burning through the excess gas when it finally ignites.


When the internal temperature of the furnace rises past temperatures established as safe. A furnace safety mechanism called a “limit switch” turns the furnace off to prevent dangers from overheating. The limit switch then turns the furnace back on once the unit has cooled to an acceptably safe level. There are a number of causes for short cycling; a clogged air filter being the most common cause. A clogged air filter means heat inside the furnace chamber, called the “plenum” has no place to escape. As a result, the internal temperature climbs until the limit switch is triggered. One of the leading causes of early furnace breakdown (not to mention unusually high energy bills), short cycling is an issue that should be dealt with immediately.

Count on Hometown Comfort to help you keep your home cozy!

Hometown Comfort Heating & Cooling has professional HVAC technicians with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you with all your furnace inspection, maintenance and repair needs. We can perform a thorough assessment of your heating unit to ensure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible.  AtHometown Comfort, it is our pleasure to help you keep your home cozy this season! Contact our friendly, helpful team atHometown Comforttoday at(615) 240-7056.

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