Well, surely winter is upon us and the freezing, and even below freezing temperatures we are experiencing already is a true testament to winter’s arrival. With that said, one of the most challenging tasks for most, if not all, homeowners is keeping their homes and families warm with energy efficiency heating. One of the biggest struggles homeowners have is determining what temperature they should set their thermostats on when it is this cold outside. Well, if you are one of those people who battles day in and day out with finding the proper thermostat setting, you are certainly not alone.

honeywell thermostat.The professionals here at Hometown Comfort are proud of our award-winning presence in the marketplace and of our superior services and products we deliver to all our valued clients. We fully understand how important it is to heat both your home and family effectively and efficiently and want to share with you some simple insight on thermostat settings.

Proper Thermostat Settings in the Cold Winter Months

Finding and setting your thermostat to the appropriate settings in the winter months is definitely a challenge for everyone. Everybody has their own personal likes and preferences and certainly everyone has their own comfort levels, but we have a couple of suggestions to help you enjoy better energy and fuel efficiency this winter and those thereafter. If you are like so many people who desperately want to be able to save money on their heating bills this winter, the experts here at Hometown Comfort suggest you try the following.

Along with the U.S. Department of Energy, we strongly suggest that homeowners do not keep the settings on their thermostats above the typical 68°F while you are at home. Most people would probably frown on this setting, but the fact is that 68°F is a very comfortable and practical setting. This temperature setting is not only tolerable in the cold winter months, but it is actually remarkably comfortable as well.

Whenever you leave the home, whether for the day to head out to work, or in and out traveling here and there, or even when you retire for the evening, you should make it a habit to lower your thermostat setting at least 5 or 10 degrees lower than your preferred setting throughout the day. Whatever you do, though, be aware that resetting your thermostat over and over again can cause serious and excessive wear and tear to the entire heating system.

Turning the thermostat up and down multiple times throughout the day and night forces your heating system to have to work harder to turn it on, then turn it off multiple times. This is absolutely not a good scenario for your heating system and furnace. It is quite important to make all family members aware of these concerns and the affect consistently changing thermostat settings can have on your heating system and, of course, on your pocket book. Here at Hometown Comfort we think it best that you make all family members aware of your new approach for achieving energy efficient heating in the home. Decide, altogether, what the ideal temperature setting is and if, in fact, 68°F is not an agreed upon comfortable setting then decide what temperature is comfortable for all. It is important to determine an appropriate comfortable setting for all family members and keep the thermostat right there.

In addition, we believe it is important that every family member is trained on the proper use of the thermostat so that anyone can adjust it accordingly when necessary. We also suggest that if you have an older thermostat, you may want to invest in one of the more modern, advanced Wi-Fi thermostats that allow you to monitor the temperature in your home throughout the day and night and see if the thermostat is being used efficiently. If you find that the setting is not satisfactory, the nice thing about a new Wi Fi thermostat is that you can adjust it when you are away from home at work or even if you are travelling which ensures that the setting is proper at all times.

Remember, the folks here at Hometown Comfort are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of heating, cooling and HVAC issues. If your thermostat is not working efficiently for you, then give a call out to our professional experts today and let us help you to either manage your existing thermostat and its settings or install a new Wi Fi thermostat so as to provide you with the means to deliver efficient energy saving heating for your home and family this year. Contact us today and start saving energy and money as soon as tomorrow. During this Christmas and holiday season, our family here at Hometown Comfort sends along wishes for happiness, safety and health to all our valued clients.

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