With summer coming to a close, homeowners need to give ample attention to their furnaces and their heating systems. Heating systems and furnaces need to be turned up periodically in order that they remain operating effectively and efficiently and to allow homeowners to conserve energy and reduce fuel consumption. The summer days are quickly coming to an end, which means those cold fall and winter nights will soon be upon us and it is time to tune your furnace.

At Hometown Comfort our licensed and certified HVAC technicians are trained and equipped to provide all our valued clients with top of the line heating maintenance and repair services, and that includes professional furnace tune ups. In preparation of the winter months homeowners can reach out to our expert teams to perform all their necessary heating services including inspections, cleanings and tune ups necessary for a fully functioning furnace.

Quality Services you can depend on

Some of the necessary tasks necessary to tune your furnace can be easily performed by homeowners themselves. From programmable thermostats that require accurate settings in order to provide homeowners with energy savings, to the routine scheduled replacement of air filters, homeowners can contribute to the overall maintenance of their heating systems. In addition, homeowners should take every precaution to ensure that hot air registers or baseboard radiators in the home are not blocked by furniture or other articles. It is important to vacuum registers and radiators at the start of the cold season in preparation of delivering efficient heat into your home and providing energy efficient heat throughout the cold months ahead.

When to Call the Professionals at Hometown Comfort

In order for your furnace to function efficiently the heat exchangers in your furnace or boiler need to operate properly. Any soot that has accumulated over the months needs to be removed since this can greatly affect the efficiency of your furnace, the burner nozzle should be cleaned and tested to be certain that it is firing properly, and the flue pipe should be cleaned as well. All of these necessary and somewhat complex maintenance issues should be handled by a professional technician licensed and certified to perform the work and should not be attempted by the typical homeowner.

At Hometown Comfort our qualified and highly skilled technicians use only state of the art equipment and some of the best software programs available on the market today. Each of our technicians is prepared to take care of all your complicated furnace maintenance needs and repairs which includes performing necessary safety checks, inspecting for any cracks or failed seals that allow gases to escape into your home and any other tasks necessary to tune your furnace.

Further, if your home is equipped with a forced air heating system, then our technicians will inspect and test your duct system for secure air tightness and if any problems are found will seal the air leaks immediately. Whatever your furnace and heating system needs may be, you can be sure that the expert teams here at Hometown Comfort can handle them all.

How to Improve Your System

During your annual heating system tune up homeowners should inquire about improvements in both performance and efficiency of their heating system. If you are having issues with your system cycling on and off frequently, perhaps there is a need to downsize the burner nozzle which can help reduce the amount of fuel used.  Whatever your concerns may be, be certain to talk to your technician and share any questions or concerns you may have.

With winter just around the corner, don’t delay. Contact the friendly and professional HVAC teams here at Hometown Comfort today and get your furnace, your heating system, your home and your family safely prepared for the winter months ahead.

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