For all your TN Air Conditioning requirements in the Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson Station, and Columbia areas contact Hometown Comfort TN today. Professional customer service awaits all our special clientele.

Benefits of TN Air Conditioning:

Lightens the effect of extreme heat on the intellect and physical activity;

Improves comfort levels at work as well as leisure;
Can improve job performance;
Lower temperatures can reduce the risk of dehydration;
Can assist with the exclusion of allergens such as pollens;
When well maintained, renews and improves the air quality.

Risks of TN Air Conditioning:

Can affect the respiratory system due to sudden changes in temperature and humidity;
Dries out the mucous membranes as well as your skin;
Circulated air can transmit infectious respiratory diseases;
Airborne dust and fungi can cause allergic reactions;
Associated with chronic rhinitis, throat irritation and hoarseness;
Aggravates eye conditions such as conjunctivitis and does cause problems for contact wearers.

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Call Hometown Comfort today for all your heating and air conditioning needs on 615-948-2667 and receive a free written estimate on all services. Remember that air conditioned spaces should be regularly ventilated; room temperature should be kept between 21º and 25º C; and humidity should be averaged at between 60% and 70%.

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