Residents in the Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson Station, and Columbia areas in need of various heater options can contact Hometown Comfort for expert heater advice.

Electric heaters are most useful for heating one person or a single room. Radiant heaters have an element that shines warmth directly onto you, and is very useful in a poorly insulated home or in spaces you’ll only use for short periods such as the bathroom. Convection heaters (which include fan heaters, panel heaters and oil-filled column heaters) provide general background warmth. Tennessee heaters using a fan will have the room heat up more quickly and efficiently due to the even spreading of the heat; the only problem is that it does use more energy. Panel heaters and oil filled column heaters are best used in well-insulated homes that don’t require a lot of heating.

Quiet, portable and convenient;
Can be operated on off peak rates;
Normally has a thermostat and timer setting.

Best use in smaller spaces;
Fire risk thus requires adult supervision always;
Expensive to operate.

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