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Keeping Cool This Summer


Top 5 AC Unit Glitches That Damper Your Cooling Unit’s Jets

The last thing you want to hear during the heat streaks of Middle Tennessee is anything from your AC unit. You need that baby to keep purring happily: that sweet, angelic, consistent sound of heat relief. When something does go awry and the sounds aren’t singing so sweetly, there may be numerous AC unit glitches to consider in your cooling system (although some are more common than others).

Be Empowered
Being empowered just enough to recognize what may be at the root of the problem, will help you better translate the issue to your technician, and expedite the process of getting it on the mend (or preventing bigger problems). Here are the Top 5 issues that may wreak havoc on your air conditioning system and cause it to break down:

1. Wiring Gone Wrong. It seems like a no-brainer in the 21st Century, but haphazard or uncertified wiring continues to present as a risk. Less than stellar wiring can create problems with circuit breakers and prevent your HVAC system from receiving the amount of power it needs to do the job well.

2. Lack of Adequate Refrigerant. Freon is the chemical that cools the air traveling through your air conditioning system. A lack of adequate refrigerant could suggest a leak or an issue with the refrigerant system. If you find your air conditioning system requires a refrigerant recharge, 90% of the time that implies there is a leak. You want to catch refrigerant leaks and repair them as soon as possible.

3. Outside Fan Malfunction. The outside fan transfers the heat from inside your Tennessee home, outside. If the fan on the outside unit doesn’t perform correctly, proper heat transfer cannot take place and the air conditioning compressor may overheat and trip the safety overload. In worse case scenarios, the compressor may experience internal damage, equaling more down time and more cost to fix.

4. Outside Unit not Functional. This could be caused by a lack of power, contactor problems or, possibly, a faulty thermostat.

5. Frozen Coil. A frozen coil often indicates an interruption in the airflow, such as drag caused by dirty air filters or blocked return air ductwork. Inadequate levels of refrigerant could also cause indoor coils to freeze.

Ask the Experts 
Experts recommend that the most effective way for a Brentwood, Lewisburg, or Columbia area homeowner to prevent these unexpected problems is by engaging in a preventive maintenance program. Wiring issues, lack of adequate refrigerant and challenges with inefficient airflow can be discovered during routine maintenance tune-ups. It’s best to practice preventative care and have your trusted team at Hometown Heating & Cooling come out to inspect your system before any issues arise. We are committed to keeping you up and running—and cool and comfortable as a cat during the dog days of summer.

If you haven’t had your air conditioning system checked yet, don’t delay! The late spring and summer sticky season is on it’s way. Contact Hometown Heating & Cooling for all of your Williamson County air conditioning service and installation needs, including Brentwood, Lewisburg and Columbia. Our highly trained, experienced and professional staff strives to provide you with superior service in everything we do. To schedule your Williamson County or Maury County AC system checkup or upgrade assessment, give us a call at Hometown Comfort at 615-948-2667. We look forward to serving you!

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