With winter just around the corner, the time is now to ensure that your heating system is working properly and efficiently. Most system malfunctions will occur when there are heavy workloads put upon the system which typically occurs at the most inopportune times. Emergency, on the spot repairs can be quite costly, as we all know. The team here at Hometown Comfort wants to ensure that all our valued clients are aware of the warning signs and make it a habit to perform routine preventative maintenance so as to avoid any such costly repairs.


There is a wide range of signs that are surefire indicators that it’s time to perform service on your heating system, all of which, when recognized can help to save you a good deal of money and frustrations that occur when you have to go without heat in cold weather temperatures. The common warning signs include each of the following:

  • Excessive noise from your furnace – Your home furnace is not completely quiet but should not be producing excessive, consistent noises. This is a definite warning sign that something has gone array with the system. Mechanical functions or a slipped belt can contribute to loud banging noises, grinding noises and groaning noises when your furnace is in operation. When you fail to give focus to these issues you will more than likely find yourself faced with a heating system failure at some point.
  • An increase in your home energy bills – If you notice that your energy bills are starting to go through the ceiling, this is often a warning sign that something is wrong. There is a wide range of factors that can contribute to an increase in energy bills, including poor insulation, but it could also be the result of a furnace that is not functioning properly and efficiently. If your furnace is not performing at peak levels will find it difficult to meet the required demands of your home and family and will ultimately result in greater energy consumption over time.
  • Inefficient results from your thermostat – If you are unable to get the results you need from your heating system, regardless of how much you turn the thermostat up, there is obviously something out of whack with the climate control system in your home. The culprit is probably the simple fact that your furnace is unable to meet the required demands of your home or because your system has malfunctioned. Whatever the actual case may be, the folks here at Hometown Comfort strongly recommend you call in our professionals so we can identify the problem and provide you with affordable, effective solutions.
  • A yellow burner flame is present – If you notice that the pilot light on your furnace is burning a yellow flame, then you absolutely have a problem with carbon monoxide. Your burner should always burn a bright blue flame, not yellow or any other color.
  • Your furnace is 20 or more years old – Much like anything else in life, your furnace has a lifespan. If your heating system is nearing the twenty-year marker or more, you want to make certain you have it serviced routinely. Performing routine maintenance on your older furnace will help to identify problems early on and minimize problems and malfunctioning issues.

During the cold weather season, having a heating system that is working properly is mandatory to the comfort of your home and family. Routine maintenance and proper focus will easily contribute to the overall health of your system and minimize expensive repairs and untimely heating malfunctions.   With that said, take time out now to contact the professionals here at Hometown Comfort and schedule your heating system preventative maintenance and inspection.

Winter is truly right around the corner so be sure to reach out to our team today. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best all round HVAC services this side of Tennessee season after season, year after year!

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