So many homes today are equipped with central air conditioning systems which includes an interior AC unit and the compressor on the outside of the home. This two-piece cooling system works hard and frequently throughout the summer months to cool your home and keep all your family members comfortable and healthy. In the hot summer months, we all know how much humidity is present and how uncomfortable extreme heat can make us. That would be why so many people opt to install a central HVAC system throughout the home and that is why the professionals at Hometown Comfort are on call to tend to all your air conditioning system needs and AC routine maintenance.

At Hometown Comfort we understand the needs of our customers and recognize the importance of a fully functioning AC system during the hot summer months. We educate all our Nashville and Maury County homeowners on the necessity and the importance of performing their AC routine maintenance on their systems in order to ensure full functionality, especially during the extremely hot summer days, and ensure that their system is providing energy efficient services.

Routine Maintenance – An Absolute Must

Many people are under the impression that if the AC system appears to be working properly, that is the home appears cool and comfortable, then all is well and no maintenance is required. This could not be farther from the truth. At Hometown Comfort our expert technicians are committed to providing all our clients with the insight needed on how to maintain their AC systems and to educate them on their AC routine maintenance and most importantly, on performing all the necessary preventive maintenance our valued clients need. We take great pride in affording our customers all the comforts of a cool and comfortable home which is why we are ready, willing and able to assist with all your HVAC maintenance needs. Performing routine preventive maintenance is sure to provide you with a fully functioning AC system throughout the long, hot summer months and to avoid any costly repairs and even an AC breakdown.

There are a handful of very important preventive maintenance tasks that need to be performed on your AC system long before the summer months set in. The qualified and experienced technicians at Home Comfort are here to provide all these necessary maintenance tasks for you. Simply call us and schedule your preventive maintenance check before those hot summer days are here. Necessary maintenance tasks that our technicians will perform include:

  • Making certain that you have clean air filters installed. These air filters need to be changed every 2-3 months, especially during the hot summer days, to ensure the effective filtering of all that cold AC air.
  • Checking your thermostat settings to ensure that your cooling and heating system is capable of keeping you comfortable while at home and will also save energy while you are away from home. Your thermostat settings are key to your energy efficient running system.
  • Inspecting and adjusting all electrical connections to your system. Faulty electrical connections can cause a disruption to the operation of your system and can, over time, reduce the life expectancy of major components of the system.
  • Measuring the voltage and current on the motors.
  • Lubricating all moving parts of your system. It is important to keep all parts lubricated because lack of lubrication will surely cause friction in the motors and will more than double the amount of electricity you are using to run your AC system.
  • Inspect and clean the evaporator and condenser coils of your system. If coils become dirty they will reduce your system’s ability to effectively cool your home and will ultimately cause the system to have to run for longer periods of time. This will increase energy costs and will drastically reduce the life expectancy of your AC equipment and system.
  • Inspecting the condensate drain located in your central air conditioner, your furnace and your heat pump. If the drain becomes plugged it can cause serious water damage in your house and have a direct effect on the humidity levels within the home.
  • Check the level of your central air refrigerant and make any necessary adjustments. If there is either too little or too much refrigerant it will again minimize the efficiency of the system and increase energy costs and reduce the life expectancy of the system.
  • Inspect, clean and adjust the blower components to allow for proper system airflow and greater comfort levels. Airflow malfunctions will drastically reduce your system’s energy efficiency as well and increase your energy costs.
  • Check all the controls of the system to ensure that all are working properly and allow for safe operation of the system. Checking the starting cycle of the equipment, especially will ensure that the system starts each time, every time, operates effectively and shuts off properly.

Energy Efficiency at its Best

Appropriate AC routine maintenance of your HVAC system will ensure adequate functionality, comfort at all times, and energy efficiency in your home. The experts at Hometown Comfort are all about the satisfaction, well-being and comfort of all our Nashville and Maury County clients and work diligently to provide necessary preventive maintenance so as to avoid any disruptions or even breakdowns of your home AC system.

Summer is already here and if you have not had your AC routine maintenance performed, it’s time to reach out to our top of the line team of HVAC technicians and schedule your preventive maintenance appointment now. You don’t want to find your family caught in the middle of the long, hot summer months without adequate cooling and a fully functioning air conditioning system. Certainly that can take the joy and comfort out the season that brings so much happiness to so many people. Let our professional teams give you the comfort and confidence you need to know that your AC system is every bit as durable and reliable as you need it to be during these long hot summer days. Call or visit us today.

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