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The Ideal Time

You work hard to make your home a cool, comfortable, and inviting place for your family and friends to relax and enjoy themselves. But now that summer is advancing and the temperatures are rising, you may notice that your Maury County air conditioning system is struggling to keep up. It may seem a bit frustrating now. But what’s that going to look like – or feel like – when summer’s dog days finally arrive? And we all know, they always seem to come a lot sooner than we expect. Now is the ideal time to decide whether it’s time to repair or replace your Maury County AC system.

Repair or Replace?

There are benefits to both. Replacing your home’s air conditioning system may be premature, depending upon the age and condition of the unit. With regular, professional Maury County AC maintenance, many units will last a long, long time. However, in some cases, replacing your unit is a far more effective and affordable choice. Especially when you consider the money saved on repairs, and higher energy bills due to the operation of older, less efficient models with lower SEER ratings. And remember, with the purchase of a new unit also comes a brand new warranty, which also saves on repair and maintenance expenses. How can you know which is best for your home? Here’s a general rule of thumb to follow.

It’s probably best to REPLACE your unit if you’re dealing with:




Astounding Savings

Many people are astounded at just how much a new high efficiency Maury County air conditioning unit will truly save them. Of course, it’s not surprising when you consider that many older air conditioners in operation today function at just HALF of the the minimum SEER rating standard according to the US Department of Energy. If you’re a Maury County homeowner struggling with a sluggish air conditioning system, we’re here to help.

Contact Hometown Heating & Cooling

At Hometown Comfort Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our commitment. Our professional technicians will be happy to perform a thorough assessment of your Maury County air conditioning system. You’ll receive an honest recommendation for your best options for maximum performance and savings for your home cooling needs. Hometown Comfort is proud to serve all of your Williamson County and Maury County air conditioning service and installation needs, including Brentwood, Lewisburg, Spring Hill, Thompson’s  Station and Columbia. To schedule your Maury County AC upgrade assessment, give us a call at Hometown Comfort at 615-948-2667. We look forward to serving you!

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